Wednesday, 15 May 2013

fondue at bodo's schloss

I'm probably actually suffering from serious homesickness lately! After having binged on several dim sum lunches, I've also had a bit of a craving for Hong Kong style hotpot. Breaking away from habit, though, I decided to head to Bodo's Schloss in Kensington for fondue as a substitute. 

Bodo's is known for being a great night out, but they're also a restaurant by day early evening! The entire place is decked out like an alpine ski schloss that might be a bit gimmicky but does make for a really novel dining experience. The attention to detail deserves a huge commendation: from the wood planked walls to the checkered tablecloth, not to mention the outfits of the staff! It's like we went on a ski trip without leaving London!

Every Monday is fondue night at Bodo's! They do both an oil fondue, served with meat, and a cheese fondue, served with bread and vegetable sticks, for dinner and a chocolate fondue, served with fruits, for dessert. Personally, I would've preferred a broth fondue for my meat (would've satiated my hotpot cravings better), but the oil is of course the more traditional option.

Bodo's also has a regular menu that serves a variety of alpine classics, including stroganoff and wiener schnitzel. The menu says their food is by the Speck Mobile, and I can testify that it was just as good as the one I had there!

Of course, we couldn't have left without trying some of Bodo's famous drinks! Because there was only a few of us, we settled for the Cuckoo Clock (I would've ordered the shot ski otherwise). The cuckoo clock is a tequila based drink, which I usually steer well clear of, but it's topped with apple juice and pear schnapps and was actually really yummy!

We finished our little cuckoo clock in no time!

As the much hyped A-list club that it is, the focus of Bodo's is definitely not on the food. But on a Monday night, they don't actually transform into a club and I actually think that it's perfect for a chilled out night with a couple of friends! Fondue is great fun and very sociable - of course, so are the drinks!

Food: 6/10
Environment: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Price: £ £ £ out of 5

You can find the Bodo's Schloss home page here.

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