Tuesday, 2 July 2013

hawksmoor air street

My time in London is coming towards its end, so in the past couple of weeks I've been actively seeking out things to cross off my to do list before I go! Some of these things include picnicking in Hyde Park and watching Les Mis on stage, but right at the top of that list is definitely having a really, really good Sunday Roast.

So a few weeks ago, I chose to head to Hawksmoor on Air Street, which is a relatively new branch of this highly touted group of steak houses. This particular branch has a more seafood centric menu, for the benefit of my non-meat eating friend (how we are still friends I do not know), as well as a good selection of the steaks that Hawksmoor is most famous for. The interior of the restaurant is classy and retro, as well as deceptively enormous, although this quickly filled up throughout the course of our meal.

We started with a trio of starters, including their barley risotto, crab on toast and roast scallops. All three were very enjoyable, with the pearl barley being a great and light start to the meal and both of the seafood dishes being well done. The crab on toast was my favourite, the sweet crab meat, creamy mayo and crispy toast is a simple but perfect combination. The scallops could have looked better, with the three scallops being of varying sizes (ranging from rather small to regular), but tasted fine.

The main event for me was the Sunday Roast, which comes with all the trimmings and a wonderful Yorkshire pudding, which was crispy on the outside but soft and pillowy on the inside. The roast beef itself is non-traditional. The menu states that the beef is lightly charcoal grilled before being put in the oven. The result is a silky and extremely tender cut of meat that gives way with the slightest pressure of your knife. I do think that it doesn't feel quite the same as having traditional roast beef if that was what you are expecting (which I did), but if you put that thought out of your mind, the cut of beef is in itself extremely enjoyable.

Like I said, although the 'roast' did not really quite hit the spot I had set aside for some good old fashioned (probably dry and chewy) roast beef, it was a very enjoyable lunch. The atmosphere of the place is great, especially when it is full and buzzing with people. What I do really want to try is one of the steaks that seems to really be Hawksmoor forte, sold per 100g on the menu, where I expect them to shine through a bit more than on their Sunday Roast.

Food: 7/10
Environment: 8/10
Service: 6/10
Price: £ £ £ out of 5

You can find the Hawksmoor home page here.

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